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About us

Nuvik Group is the home of Uniwipe & UltraGrime, well-established brands trusted by professionals – from medical grade antibacterial wipes for hospitals to tough grime cleaning Clothwipes for building sites, each product has been through rigorous testing to ensure it’s best in class. With our dedicated in-house manufacturing facilities, we’re able to provide stability and flexibility in the supply chain with large stocks, short lead times and reliable supply.

Going back a bit

If we go back to when the inventors came up with the Clothwipes concept, there was nothing in the market that solved the issue of a wipe that stays wet for long enough and was strong enough to clean and sanitise a whole bed set in a hospital or care home. The challenge was on and in 2006 the first products rolled off the line and were delivered into the NHS. Since then the range has grown and been continually developed year on year until a relaunch took place mid-2016. This saw the redevelopment of the products and the introduction of the UltraGrime Clothwipes for trades and DIY use. WOW – that was a hit. Since then the name UltraGrime is a No 1 in the trade sector in the UK and is used by thousands of trades people day in day out. It’s an essential part of their kit.


The UltraGrime range is now available in Australia and New Zealand and most exciting of all a new range has been launched for the USA – Crocodile Cloth! UltraGrime have also launched a retail range targeted at the many clean up jobs we need around the home, in the garage, outside or when realising our dream hobbies and sports.

Nuvik products are available in over 30 countries, 20,000 stores and in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users.

Looking ahead

At Nuvik we don’t stay still. We are continually inventing, developing and bringing new products to market that make a difference to our everyday lives.

And most importantly, we don’t forget the planet, your future and the future of your family. Our back-room boys and girls are working round the clock to ensure we provide sustainable products that don’t cost the earth.

Our brands.

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